Jamie’s Italian


Highlights: The decor, the bar food, and the fact the staff all spoke with “geezer” accents just like Jamie’s!!

I couldn’t believe it! We were finally here, after months of looking enviously at the queue of people outside, and even more enviously at those already inside, I could finally say I’d been there, done that! Jamie’s Italian could be ticked off my to-do list!

Yes, the having to wait an hour for a table was a bit of an anti-climax once we finally made it inside, but there was a nice bar, so we thought why not just sit back and relax and take in the Jamie Oliver experience. I was lucky to spot, out of the corner of my eye, a couple leaving the bar, so I grabbed a table, which made the wait a lot easier, as I hate standing around!

We ordered the bar food whilst we waited and it was really good. Very Jamie, if you’ve seen him on his TV shows, you’ll know he’s all about eating with his hands, a “little of this a little of that” kind of style and this is exactly how his menu was presented. I’d recommend the risotto balls and the posh chips, which had truffle oil and parmesan ( very posh indeed).

What struck me most was the interior of the restaurant, my sisters and I played a game of who could sum it up the best. We came up with urban-chic and backstreet-sophistication to name just a few. But as you can probably tell, it was a bizarre mix of rustic and glamourous with urban graffiti walls highlighted by a giant grand chandelier! Most shocking of all was that it really worked! I could go on all day about how much I loved the interior of this restaurant but that would get awfully boring for you, so I shall move on to the food.


We had a table of 4, so it was great to get a taste of a few different dishes. I was feeling brave and ordered the rabbit pasta. I had never eaten rabbit before, but I enjoyed it. It was disappointing that the steak came out very undercooked, and had to be sent back twice before it was right.

But in their defence, the restaurant was heaving, on a Tuesday night, more so than I’ve seen in most places on a weekend, in that intense situation the chefs are bound to make the odd slip-up.

What made the situation a great deal better was how well the staff handled the situation. They did not question, took it straight back to the kitchen and did not charge for the meals that were not satisfactory. The manager even gave us his personal email, to make another booking and avoid the 3 month booking wait. With that, what more could be said?

It was a great night, and I’ll definitely be back, maybe just after the novelty has worn off, so we don’t have to wait an hour for a table!




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