Jamie’s Italian Revisited


Rating: 8/10
Highlights: the friendly staff, the specials and the deserts!

Any good reviewer will never visit a venue just the once, it takes at least a couple of visits to really get a feel for a place and to taste a vast variety of the dishes on offer.

That’s exactly what we decided to do at Jamie’s Italian.
Our first visit was great, although there was a bit of room for improvement. We decide to head back to Jamie’s, try some new dishes and see where the night would take us.

We arrived and was taken immediately to our seat, I’d definitely recommended making a booking! I didn’t last time and the hour wait for a table was a bit of a buzz kill.

The rustic feel of the décor leads me to believe that Jamie, or his people, wanted a really down to earth restaurant aimed at the everyman shown by affordable pricing and rustic get up. This is somewhat compromised by the exclusive nature of a 3 month wait for a booking, or an hour wait for a table. I often wonder, if the ethos of the restaurant is failed by the celebrity nametag attached to it. Without the name, it could have been a really cool place where you could just walk in off the street, eat great food at a great price, which I think is what Jamie would have been going for.

Now onto the food..

As always, the complimentary bread went down a treat!

Entrée’s were brilliant, my top picks are the risotto balls and the fancy chips ( found in the bar food menu) but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them.

When it comes to mains, GO FOR THE SPECIALS! This is where Jamie’s really shines. I had the Tuna fusilli coined Jul’s Favourite and frames in the menu, and I could see why! It was delicious, with a light and fresh taste. Portion size was also spot on.


My mysterious other half, as he likes to be known, had the barramundi special and his clear plate within a matter of minutes lead me to believe he rather enjoyed it. He did mention the sides of stuffed tomatoes were a delight, and he only wished he had more of them!

But all of that was nothing in comparison to the deserts.. If you like em big, then head to Jamie’s!! Again, the waiter was quick to recommend the best two on the menu so that is what we had. The tutti-fruity Meringue and the chocolate Brownie, needless to say the old belt buckle was a few notches loser as we left, but it was worth ever calorie!


Prices are more than reasonable, all the food is priced really well, and you definitely get value for money. However, the alcohol is a little over priced with the house wine at around $35. For that amount I’d prefer a wine I Know the name of!

What really makes Jamie’s is the staff, they really are some of the best I’ve come across, very attentive and the extent to their knowledge of the menu is mind-blowing. I almost couldn’t keep up as my waiter went into every detail from where the fish was caught to what it is cooked in, even what is drizzled over it in presentation…

I’d definitely recommend a visit!


My former review can be found here


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